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Saaristokaupunki –the town of islands

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Saaristokaupunki is a new district in Kuopio in which 6 000 new houses for approximately 14 000 new inhabitants will be built in next fifteen years. Saaristokaupunki represents new kind of housing world-wide: all the houses are situated no more than 500 meters away from the lake Kallavesi and there will be approximately 40 km of shoreline in Saaristokaupunki area. Totally Saaristokaupunki area is about 13 km2.

Housing in the new millennium

Saaristokaupunki is built on the islands and skerries of the lake Kallavesi and it is situated close to all services and public transportation -as most housing in Kuopio is. The ideas of high quality of living and housing are being taken into consideration already in a first stage of the planning of the area. Saaristokaupunki will provide the best quality of living -yet in a reasonable price- and represent a good example of housing in the new millennium.

A special feature of Kuopio is that most housing is built to respond to the needs of the local people. Mostly single-family-houses will be built to Saaristokaupunki, but also row houses and some block of houses will be available. All the construction will follow the latest know-how both in building and in environmental planning. The closeness of water and nature will be taken into consideration in the city planning as well as the high standard of housing as a whole.

A town by the water

If the word Saaristokaupunki would be directly translated from Finnish to English it would stand for “the town of the archipelago”. In these islands of the lake Kallavesi, a new neighborhood will rise -an area that makes the dreams come true for many of us: own house located next to the city center, close to the nature and right by the lake.

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City of Kuopio
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